January 30th

On January 30th creator Jammiedodger123, me, and helper CompliensCreator00 started work editing pages on the wiki.


Editing was going slow, with CompliensCreator00 leaving for his now successful wiki made by me, Complipedia and I was left to try. But my hope slipped away...

March - November

Every now and then I'd try to get people to help but they didn't mind...

December - February

I got fed up and started to edit more and more, and it's starting to work out. But we need more people! So, that's why on January 15th MMMW's first ever Improvement Mission starts. Now there's just over 3 weeks until then, and the editing actually starts on January 30th so you've got just over a calendar month to join but we'd love to see the magic start on 15th, so get your friends! It's not a set date like "8pm Jan 15th" it's over time. So please get here and start editing! I'm making a big category called Under Construction and I'm going to put most pages into it! Now I know the editing doesn't start until then, but if each page is done, well, there's never enough! Can I just tell you that under our rules you need permission to post fan art, but soon I'll make a fan art page, and some will be featured on the proper pages and some even on the front!

Jammiedodger123 18:59, December 22, 2011 (UTC)